Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Midsummer 2017 is LIVE

It... is.... alive!!!

The St Mary's County Pagan Community cordially invites you to celebrate the Summer Solstice with us on Friday June 16 through Sunday June 18 at the Chancellor's Point Natural History Area, operated by the wonderful people at Historic St Mary's City. All pagans, heathens, druids, witches, wiccans, polytheists, pantheists, mystics, et ceteras and supportive friends who are part of or connected to our local community are welcome.

Follow the bouncing link list to the rest of the necessary information.

Site Rules are here, please read them. Please note that while the park does allow pets on leashes we are asking you to leave your furry friends home this year.

As previously mentioned, the prices have changed to reflect the changes in usage fees we have to pay. Pricing is as follows:

Paid Members, $25
Non-Paid Members or Non Members, $35
Day Passes, all, $15

The links will take you to the Cheddar Up page where you can purchase your ticket. The registration booth will be a bit more obvious this year, and while registration will be available on site, pre-registration is greatly preferred. It helps us with things like getting the porta-potties there on time. It's important.

Once you've paid your registration, there's a few more steps to help us help the event run smoothly. First, please visit the Registration Spreadsheet to let us know how many people you'll be bringing, whether or not you can volunteer some time helping with the potluck or minding the fire, and what if anything you're able to bring to the potluck on Saturday. You'll also be asked to sign the same waiver as last year. It's required to participate.

 The schedule and daily events will be very similar to last year, with plenty of down time for relaxing and hanging out with new and old friends. As before, rituals and discussions are being offered, not requested and certainly not required.

I hope you're ready for a weekend of amazing people forging a magical, multifaceted community!

Don't forget to bring your fireside songs and stories! ;) We can't wait!

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